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Jakub Stępień known as Hakobo is a Polish artist recognised as one of the world top 50 poster creators, still he is not limited to this filed and is not less creative in the area of design or graphic design.
His style is a mixture of traditional craft and modern street culture with a characteristic stigma of an aesthetic of excess – which reveals itself in numerous multiplications, noises and uses of camouflage.
More of he’s works can be found here: @hakobo

Igor Ilyin, who goes by a nickname of MGNG is a Russian origin graphic designer and illustrator. His original inspirations were mainly based on street art and digital art which can still be recognised in his works.
Nowadays his style is an unique mixture of modern culture, streetwear, virtual reality on the one hand and oldschool comic books drawings, cartoons and classic graffiti on the other.
More of his works can be found here: @mgngworks

Amina is a Kracow based creator, illustrator and tattoo artist. Even though she is a graduate of Painting on an Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow her everyday occupation is a Tattoo Studio.
Pietism, high creativity and obviously black colour are her hallmarks.
More of her works can be found here: @am_ink_zlydotting

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