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Cropp Eco Aware

What do we do?


ECO AWARE is a line of clothes designed in line with the idea of sustainable development. The process of obtaining raw materials from ecological plantations - where no chemicals are used and no significant amount of water is used - is friendly for the environment, animals and people involved in production.


In the Eco Aware collection, not only the choice of raw material, but also the process of creating the clothes itself is of great importance. This is a particularly important issue in the production of denim, which has the greatest environmental impact precisely at the processing stage. That is why we want our clothes to be produced in factories operating on the basis of our Eco Aware Production standard. It requires confirmation of the reduction of water and energy consumption, as well as chemicals used in production.


We replaced in our shops in Poland plastic bags with paper ones. In addition, starting in 2020, 100% of our online orders are recycled.


Organic cotton

Organic cotton is sourced with respect for the environment, from non-genetically modified seeds and according to the natural life cycle. The material is gentle to the skin, airy, antibacterial and biodegradable.


Recycled polyester is a synthetic fiber made from plastic PET bottles and/or recycled post-consumer raw materials. Its production reduces the consumption of electricity, water and waste. The materials made of it are durable, quick-drying and tensile resistant.


REPREVE® is a fiber obtained from recycled PET bottles. The production process reduces the consumption of electricity, water and greenhouse gas emissions. The material made of Repreve® fibers is fast-drying and durable.

ECO AWARE collection

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