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Terms & Conditions



The owner and administrator of the online store, operating under the address: www.cropp.com is LPP S.A. based in Gdańsk, ul. Łąkowa 39/44 (hereafter referred to as LPP), entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court of Gdańsk-Północ, VII Economic Division of the National Court Register under the NCR number: 0000000778, with Statistical Number (REGON): 190852164, Taxpayer Identification Number (NIP): 583-10-14-898 and share capital of 3,662,246 PLN (paid in full).


LPP conducts sales of goods through a structured online store. Available for sale are goods in the Cropp distribution network or other clothing brands, for which LPP is entitled to their sale.


3.1. Orders are accepted via the website www.cropp.com

3.2. The products in the online store are specifically marked. The website provides information on the features of the good, its price, the material from which it is made, etc.

3.3. The customer ordering goods makes his/her choice, in a manner appropriate for the item, specifying in particular the size, colour and, if necessary, other specific information and the quantity of the ordered goods.


4.1. Upon selection of an item by the customer, click "ADD TO CART".

4.2. The product is transferred to the shopping cart, which is visible when you click on the shopping cart icon in the toolbar at the top of the page. You can proceed to the shopping cart by selecting the "Show cart” button that launches a page that displays all the products in the cart or by clicking on the button “Process order” in the product card.

4.3. If you select “Process order", a page is launched, where you enter the data necessary for shipment of the goods ordered.

4.4. By logging on, the client obtains access to additional options such as: order history, possibility to check the current phase of the last order, remember shipping addresses, the possibility to receive up-to-date information on products offered by the store

4.5. After selecting a delivery method (to the indicated address or to the selected Cropp store) and entering all the necessary data (including invoicing data if necessary), you should select a payment method.

4.6. The customer may select an online payment method (payment by credit card or wire transfer via the PayU website) or pay for the shipment upon receipt. Upon selecting a delivery method, and online payment has been chosen or upon performing the payment via the PayU website, the customer is redirected to a page from which he/she may continue shopping or proceed to the summary of the order.

Please Note: If you select method of payment for the goods as online payment (bank transfer or credit card payment via PayU), payment shall be executed immediately after placing the order. In the event of a failure to credit payment to the bank account of LPP or the intermediaries for the transaction (PayU.pl website), the order considered to be improperly placed, the agreement is not concluded, then the order will not be executed. In such a case, you may place the order again.

4.7. If you need to correct or change the method of delivery, click another delivery method.

4.8. At each stage of placing an order, until such time as payment is made, you can cancel the order; desist from proceeding to the next steps and leave the sub-pages used for placing orders. You can do this in several ways: e.g., by clicking on the icon to return to the previous page or by clicking on any sub-page (or product) located on the website: www.cropp.com. Orders, which the submission process are not fully completed by the customer shall not be executed.

4.9. An email confirming receipt of the client’s order shall be sent to the email address specified in your login data. The client shall receive in the email a personalised order number, which upon providing allows the client to among others; determine the status of the order.

4.10. LPP may contact with the client via the e-mail address or by telephone provided by the client in order to clarify doubts, confirm placement of the order or other issues related to the execution of the order.


Prices on the website provided in Polish Zloty are gross prices and include VAT. Shipping charges should be added to the price of the goods, the amount of which depends on the chosen form of delivery and payment. The price quoted on the website at the time of placing the order is final and binding on the client. Upon placing an order, the price of the ordered goods do not change, regardless of price changes made by LPP or commencement of promotions or sales.

LPP reserves the right to change the prices of the goods in the online store, introduce new goods for sale, conduct and cancel promotional actions on the online shop, or implement any changes in accordance with the standards of the civil code and other laws.


All goods sold online are commodities available. In exceptional cases, for example, in the case of a simultaneous submission of orders for the same goods by various customers, it may result to the goods not being available. In such a case, the customer will be informed about the inability to execute the order. On the product card, information on the full range of sizes is provided to the client - currently unavailable sizes are also listed, however, they are clearly marked with a different colour than the available sizes. Unavailable product sizes cannot be added to the shopping cart but may be added to the wish list.



In the absence of the goods in the warehouse or inability to fulfil orders for other reasons, the customer shall be informed by e-mail about problems with the execution of the order and possible solutions (e.g., a partial execution, complete execution, but the extension of the waiting time or the cancellation of the entire order shall not bring about any negative consequences upon the customer). If the client objects to a partial execution of the order, the orde shall be withdrawn without negative consequences for the customer, and if payment had been effected by the client - the amount paid shall be refunded.


Note: delivery of the goods is carried out only on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

8.1. The order shall be forwarded for processing immediately after its submission, in the case of payment upon delivery. In the case of online payment - upon confirmation of transfer of the amount due to the account of LPP (via the PayU.pl website). If the selected item is available, and the customer has chosen delivery to an indicated address or store, the product is sent to the customer within 2-3 (in words: two-three) working days. Where a customer chooses express shipping, the order is processed as high-priority within 1 working day.

NOTE: If you select online payment method (bank transfer or credit card payment) the order processing begins after crediting 100% of the amount due for the order to the account of the online store or intermediaries and thus the time of transfer of the goods to the courier is counted as from that moment.

8.2. A courier company handles the delivery of orders - the expected delivery time is one working day from the day after shipment. The total processing time for orders shall not exceed seven (7) working days.


9.1. Cash on delivery: payment to the courier upon delivery of the package.

9.2. Transfer: Bank transfers, which are accepted by LPP, i.e. fast money transfers made via the PayU.pl website. The advantage of quick money transfers is that if you choose this method of payment, the client is redirected to the website of the selected bank to transfer the money. LPP does not accept traditional transfers, therefore, the client shall not receive an account number, to which he/she must make a payment e.g. at the post office.

9.3. Credit card: The client must have a card that allows effecting payments online (whether a card meets this condition, should be confirmed by the bank that issued the card). Payments by credit card are made via the PayU.pl website.

Note! The online store will never send an email to the client with the information about the change of the account to which the payment should be made, along with a request for traditional transfer. If a client receives such an email - do not make any payments, or respond to it, please send the email to LPP unchanged to the following address: [email protected]


The information on the website of the store www.cropp.com does not constitute an offer of conclusion of an agreement under the provisions of the civil code.

The contract may be concluded in Polish.


Depending on the shipment option chosen by the Customer (standard, express or receipt in an indicated stationary store), LPP undertakes to transfer the goods to the courier within 2 working day (in the case of express shipment); 4 working days (in the case of standard shipment or receipt of orders in an indicated stationary store), for a properly submitted order or, in the absence or inability to fulfil the order, to inform the client about stock shortage or inability to fulfil orders in such time limit. Working days are from Monday to Friday, excluding Saturday and Sunday and the days recognized by law as days free from work.


Note: Delivery is realized only in the territory of Poland.

The cost of delivery depends on the selected delivery method and payment: in the case of delivery to the stationary store and payments online 0.00 pln gross; in the case of standard delivery by courier and payments online is 9.90 pln gross; in the case of standard delivery by courier and payment upon delivery 14.90 pln; in the case of express delivery by courier and payments online 19.90 pln gross; in the case of express delivery by courier and payment upon delivery 19.90 pln gross;


The customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract without giving reasons and return the item within a longer period: 30 days from the date of sale, or 10 days from the date of receipt of the order.

Subject to acknowledgement of the return is the submission by the customer, prior to expiry of the aforementioned deadline a statement in writing - this may be done, by printing and filling out the form for withdrawal from the contract, available on the online store, or by filling out the online form, "return" available for every order, to which the client can proceed to upon entering the order number in the space provided and sending back the products to the following address: LPP S.A., E-SHOP cropp.com, ul. Tczewska 2, 83-000 Pruszcz Gdański, with a note: "Return of items e-store".

You can also return items in every store operating under the brand name Cropp, besides outlet stores.

Returned goods should be unaltered, save that the change was necessary for the ordinary course of business.

The client will receive a refund for the returned item, and where the client returns all items included in the order – shipping cost from the store to the customer shall also be refunded, if the customer was charged and it had been paid while placing the order, for which the client is entirely withdrawing from.


Complaint may be submitted for every item bought on the online store of Cropp (www.cropp.com) with the observance of appropriate terms and conditions of the complaint if it has defects that are non-compliant with the agreement. A complaint may be submitted in any store operating under the brand name Cropp (except for outlet stores) or by conventional mail. In the case of complaint by conventional mail, please indicate the reasons for the complaint and information necessary for the identification of the order. The "Complaint" form (available on the website, with every order, from which the client can proceed to upon entering the order number on the website) may be used to submit a complaint and may be filled out online or printed out, and then sent along with the shipment paid by the customer to the following address: LPP S.A., E-SHOP cropp.com, ul. Tczewska 2, 83-000 Pruszcz Gdański.

In the case of an acknowledgment of the complaint lodged via conventional mail, LPP will send a complete product (repaired or new) to the client within 14 days and if this proves impossible (e.g. stock depleted) shall refund the price for the defective goods. Where LPP shall reimburse the price for all goods constituting the contract in question, it will also refund the shipping cost of the goods from the store to the customer, if the customer was charged cost for delivery while placing the order for the goods. In the event of a justified complaint, the customer will also receive a refund of the costs incurred for sending the defective goods to the e-store of LPP S.A.

Where a complaint is not acknowledged, the goods will be returned along with information on the illegitimacy of the complaint. If the complaint is lodged at a Cropp store, upon its examination LPP will enable the Customer to collect the good or the price for the good, together with the entitled refund costs at the store, where the complaint was lodged.


The customer has the right to cancel an order within 15 minutes of placing the order. The client has two options to take advantage of the above-mentioned rights:

- by contacting customer service via the contact form available on the website,

- cancel theorder in the customer Panel by clicking on the "Cancel" button and in the event of a modification of the order - go over the ordering stages to appropriately place and pay for the order.


Each item purchased, is accompanied by a receipt or VAT invoice. LPP is not liable for incorrect data provided by the customer.

16.1. Processing of personal data

The consent of the client for the processing by LPP S.A. of personal data pursuant to the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (i.e. from the 2002 Journal of Laws No. 101 item 926 with further amendments) is voluntary, however, the lack of consent to the processing of personal data, prevents the execution of the agreement and processing of the order.

16.2. The processing of personal data for marketing purposes

The client may consent to the processing of his/her personal data for marketing purposes pursuant to the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (i.e. from the 2002 Journal of Laws No. 101 item 926 with further amendments) and to entrust them to a third party in order to provide the client with advertising materials and information on promotions and marketing actions of the operator of the LPP S.A. - online store.

16.3. Personal Data Administrator

The administrator of personal data is LPP S.A. based in Gdansk at the following address: ul. Łąkowa 39/44, 80-769 Gdańsk. In accordance with the law on the protection of personal, the provision of personal data is voluntary and the customer has the right to review his/her personal data and to correct, modify, as well as request its deletion.

Your personal data is safe with us