Streetwear at its best: the Cropp online shop!

CROPP is an international streetwear brand that has been an indivisible element of the urban culture who have their own way of life and whose clothes emphasize their individual style. The brand’s collections are clearly influenced by pop culture and street art, which is reflected in its design collaborations with artists worldwide. The results of these partnerships can be seen in the prints MCity from Poland, Diogo Machado (ADD FUEL) from Portugal and 123Klan from Canada have placed on reeditions of the Cropp Artist collection, which is a series of men’s and women’s shirts. Cropp is also a partner in events aimed at young people who pursue their passions. The brand co-organises one of the biggest competitive extreme sports events in Central and Eastern Europe, the Cropp Baltic Games, for which it also designs dedicated collections of sweatshirts, shirts, hats and accessories.

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